AgeWell Technologies
Your home, designed for your lifestyle.

Your Home is Where Your Heart is.

Getting older should not mean you have to move.

AgeWell Technologies designs livable spaces for people of all ages and abilities that are more comfortable, convenient, and safe.

Extended Livability

Your home should work for You.

Over the next two decades, the population of people 65 and older is projected to increase by 31 million. By 2025, more than one in three home owners will be 65 and over.

Many homes built today are not designed with a livability or visitability standard that takes this into account, and with the average age of homes today being over 37 years, most established homes are even more at risk. AgeWell helps design your home around you, bringing the right people and resources together to give your home Extended Livability for today and tomorrow.

Through consultation, evaluation and technological design, our Certified Aging in Place Specialist team makes sure your home meets a level of convenience, functionality and visitability that fits your lifestyle for years to come.

Make your home work for you and your loved ones.

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How We Help

Home Owners

Using universal design concepts blended with modern technology, AgeWell designs a plan for your home's livability and occupant experience and helps make it a reality.


Livable Homes

Everything everywhere is aging everyday. This includes ourselves and our homes.

This is why livability planning for our homes is so important - maximizing the occupant experience of the home, making sure it provides an amazing level of comfort, convenience and safety for years to come.

AgeWell makes sure your home accommodates you, no matter your budget, for as long as possible.


Visitable Spaces

Holidays, game nights, dinner parties, your home is where you gather with family and friends.

We help make sure your visiting loved ones are comfortable and safe in your home, and help make your home more accessible and convenient for all of your visitors, regardless of age or ability.

Make your home work for you and your loved ones.

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Businesses & Communities

Helping business be more inviting and accommodating

A business that meets a higher standard of visitability not only increases customer happiness, it helps your employees, increasing productivity. We inspect, evaluate and create recommendations to help you better serve all of your patrons.

Housing Professionals

Partnering with realtors, builders, and developers

You want to go above and beyond for your clients, making sure their spaces are equipped to sustain them their entire lives. We inspect and evaluate potential properties for you to present to your client, making sure they are AgeWell Certified*, providing a detailed evaluation of the space, customized to their needs.

Your Home

More Livable, Easier to Visit and More Convienient.

Your home should empower your lifestyle whether you're 82 or 22. Let AgeWell help make your home work for you.

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